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Genetic & Comprehensive
Lab Testing


You are genetically different than everyone else in the world so why be treated like everyone else in the world?

Barwis Regeneration offers the only comprehensive genetic and lab tests to identify what you put in your body is what you get out of it. Our goal is to unlock your health and provide customized programs to live a better quality of life.

The first step in living a healthy lifestyle is to better understand your body, from the inside out. Barwis Regeneration’s comprehensive menu of offerings from lab panels to genetic tests will now allow you to know your body better than ever. 

Genetic testing is important to better understand how your body is wired, which is a timestamp at birth.  It does not signify your current health conditions but provides insight on potential conditions you may experience based on your genes.  This is why we also offer one of the most comprehensive blood panels available today and that is to better understand your current health conditions.  In a combination review, you will genetically know what you should be aware of and how your health is transforming in accordance.  These tests will provide a very thorough overview and practitioner recommendations to allow you to manage your health with nutrition, exercise and supplements.  Without these tests, everything else is a guess.  Reach out to one of our medical experts to learn more about how you can customize your future health plan to live a better quality of life.  

Weight Management

Manage weight concerns with information about appetite, metabolism, how your body uses energy, and predispositions to weight-related issues.

Fitness & Tissue

Find ways to take steps to improve bone health, collagen and joints, endurance, injury, power, recovery, training responses, and vascular health.

Hormone Health

You can uncover the reasons behind your metabolic quirks, cognitive patterns, weight fluctuations, and many other health issues or simply optimize your current health goals.

Brain Health

Gain insight into your long-term memory and cognitive health and assess your risk in developing neurological or mood disorders.

Heart Health

Safeguard against cardiovascular disease and identify and genetic contributors to vascular health.

Blood Sugar Regulation

Address concerns about balancing blood sugar, your chances of developing diabetes and how your body regulates glucose and insulin.

Medication Management

Provides recommendations on how your body metabolizes certain medications, drug to drug interactions or how changes may affect your treatment regimen.

Comprehensive Bloodwork

Comprehensive blood work that includes 50+ panels to identify your overall health and functionality.

Weight Management

Fitness & Tissue Health

Hormone Health

Brain Health

Heart  Health

Blood Sugar Regulation

Body Management Genetic Test


Comprehensive Blood Analysis

100+ Blood Analysis Markers




Tumor Markers


Lipids & Thyroid  


Medication Management 

90 Plus Gene-to-Drug Analysis 

Drug-to-Drug Interactions 

Identify medications your body will respond to

Medication Management Genetic Test


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